Friday, February 13, 2009


Just a few bits that have been on my hands and feet. These Phase series gloves by MX Brand Thor have been a favorite of mine. I've had more than one pair. These are well over twelve months old and seen service in the UK, France, Spain and Andorra. I've just gone through the thumb, same as all the others. That's the only down side, apart from that I love them, thin on the palm cool enough for summer dutys, not too cold in the winter.

The replacements: (below) This time some from the Static range byThor. This is the more budget range by Thor, we'll see how they go. At only £14.95 they are pretty cheep so durability comes second to feel and fit.
Static gloves

These Helly Hansen Shoes have been wicked. I was given them by the Helly rep before they went into production and I love them. Unfortunately they are now discontinued due to poor sales which is a shame.
The sole has been great, stiff for peddling, grippy on my flat peddles and hard wearing.
The TRP rubber toe cap and lace saver flap has given me loads of protection. More than once saving me from broken toes whilst belting rocks with my feet at high speed. They are nice and breathable having the Helly Lifa lining and HH Versa fabrics. So nice in the heat but the only bad point being that they are a bit wet in winter. Hence I have finally succumbed the the Five 10 Impact shoe which is now on order.

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