Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lots of bits n pieces to update.

You need to check Elbrys blog for some wicked pics of him tearing up the Mafia the other week.



Some sick shots by JW www.jdwphotography.co.uk/ who was also riding well, boosting the huck first go, no helmet, Nutter.

Turbo training is going well, I got a Minoura one from the Bike Shed in the end just to keep the legs going while I'm off the bike and boat. Shoulder is healing well and the scar looking good. Vests for summer!

Have a look at Jims blog for some pics of a bit of dual racing on the new section of track at the Mafia: 3rider.blogspot.com/2009/02/mafia-afternoon.html

If your local to Exeter you will proberbly know about the "grill" or "truck stop" free ride spot. This place has seen a HUGE amount of work in the last 3 months. We went up there on Sunday to check over and it was buzzing with people including a bunch from lancashire and the Isle of man! Well over 20 riders hitting up lots of new sections of jumps and berms. It all looked wicked and the tracks riding well. The new massive huck that i saw the begginings of in the summer has now been finished. It has to be 25 feet out and at least 15 feet down by the time you hit the landing, More like 30 out I reckon. According to the guys there it has had one hit last week but no one else has stepped up yet..... I would like to see it as it has to be one of the bigger Hucks about.
I cant wait toget up there again. Some pics to follow.

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