Friday, February 06, 2009

Exmoor Uplift

It had been a while since we had done some exploring. So Ex-mooring we went. I had had some trail tip offs from an Exmoor ranger (a customer at the shop, A.S Watersports) and he had kindly drawn on a map for me. Obviously a cold snowy day is the best for being on the highest part of Somerset and north Devon. A day of big bike uplift was wanted. It wasn't the biggest bad boy down hill around but still fun riding and we will return to seek some more in the summer with a few different bikes to get the best of the trails.

First up, after Tom KP getting us lost in the snow was adescent from Dunkery beacon, the highest point on the moor down in to Horner, about 500mtrs above sea level. Only one short up hill, some great rocky snow covered descents and a nice technical river level xc trail.

Tommy K thinks we are just about here.

Looking out to South Wales across the Bristol Channel.

A rare walking moment from the two Toms.

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riderruncompany said...

did you find much freeride/dh stuff..