Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lots of bits n pieces to update.

You need to check Elbrys blog for some wicked pics of him tearing up the Mafia the other week.



Some sick shots by JW www.jdwphotography.co.uk/ who was also riding well, boosting the huck first go, no helmet, Nutter.

Turbo training is going well, I got a Minoura one from the Bike Shed in the end just to keep the legs going while I'm off the bike and boat. Shoulder is healing well and the scar looking good. Vests for summer!

Have a look at Jims blog for some pics of a bit of dual racing on the new section of track at the Mafia: 3rider.blogspot.com/2009/02/mafia-afternoon.html

If your local to Exeter you will proberbly know about the "grill" or "truck stop" free ride spot. This place has seen a HUGE amount of work in the last 3 months. We went up there on Sunday to check over and it was buzzing with people including a bunch from lancashire and the Isle of man! Well over 20 riders hitting up lots of new sections of jumps and berms. It all looked wicked and the tracks riding well. The new massive huck that i saw the begginings of in the summer has now been finished. It has to be 25 feet out and at least 15 feet down by the time you hit the landing, More like 30 out I reckon. According to the guys there it has had one hit last week but no one else has stepped up yet..... I would like to see it as it has to be one of the bigger Hucks about.
I cant wait toget up there again. Some pics to follow.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Just a few bits that have been on my hands and feet. These Phase series gloves by MX Brand Thor have been a favorite of mine. I've had more than one pair. These are well over twelve months old and seen service in the UK, France, Spain and Andorra. I've just gone through the thumb, same as all the others. That's the only down side, apart from that I love them, thin on the palm cool enough for summer dutys, not too cold in the winter.

The replacements: (below) This time some from the Static range byThor. This is the more budget range by Thor, we'll see how they go. At only £14.95 they are pretty cheep so durability comes second to feel and fit.
Static gloves

These Helly Hansen Shoes have been wicked. I was given them by the Helly rep before they went into production and I love them. Unfortunately they are now discontinued due to poor sales which is a shame.
The sole has been great, stiff for peddling, grippy on my flat peddles and hard wearing.
The TRP rubber toe cap and lace saver flap has given me loads of protection. More than once saving me from broken toes whilst belting rocks with my feet at high speed. They are nice and breathable having the Helly Lifa lining and HH Versa fabrics. So nice in the heat but the only bad point being that they are a bit wet in winter. Hence I have finally succumbed the the Five 10 Impact shoe which is now on order.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trail Gold! Part 1

There you go, some trail gold, gold fungus!

Hooorah! Finally we strike lucky, the Leprechaun Tom KP and I went on a trail search again like I always do when I can't ride, boat, surf or dig. This was a second attempt at finding some previously looked for works of earth art. Only this time we found um. Sweet. Now, it looks like this trail has been mostly made but never ridden, the workman ship is good with solid structures and clever ideas, the track flows well and looks like it will be pretty fast. It's not all that steep but with good contours, plenty of off camber and berms to rail it should be well fun. I would try and chuck in a few more techy natural sections, a bit of rockery if needed and then rag it from top to bottom.
The pics below aren't great but will give you an idea. I'd say top to bottom in 2 mins pinning it. It's not a rough track and a good hardtail would possibly be the fastest bike...There's a few trees down that need moving, lots of sweeping, some mud chucking about, a few other bits and bobs but should be ready to go real soon. Due to the location and not knowing the owner/builder status only a small group would be best. At this stage I'm gonna be mean and keep it stum. A bit of work first then race time!
Only 5 mins from a major dual carriage way to!

The Massive start ramp! Tom is the best part of 6ft ish..this has to be 10- 12 ft.
This starts a long-ish contouring pedelly start in to a little bus stop/hip. From here the trail winds down into another step down,not big but into an `s` berm affair, this shoots ya out into a bumpy bit over some badger holes over a bank (which could easily be developed more for a tougher section) and in to the lower section..

A booter to know where, the start of a new line we reckon. A prime site for trail development.
I seem to have lost loads of photos, I will post some more. Check Part 2.

Trail gold! part 2

Part 2, or the bottom half of the hidden trail we found today.
Here we come down into the final section, after the flatter jumpy top section we start to get some more berms and head to the special finish.

Some flatter turns lead into this wedge/step down, keep a high line left on exit as the next berm right is guarded by a tree. It looks like this has been taped off for racing. I'm not sure there's ever been a bike on it. No Tyre marks, nothing.

The Final big berm, these are well made, maybe a bit more dirt and they would be wicked and fast.

A poor picture of the shore section coming out of the last berm. The little kicker on the end is about a foot high. Just where I'm stood is another kicker a bit higher, it lands to flat which is a shame because...

This gives what speed you have

It brings you in to this with no speed! Right to left in the pic, the booter is about 2 1/2 foot high, the stream gap about 8ft and landing to flat in the very soft mud. A wooden landing and a clear run out wont take long and will be much fun!
A this track drys out I aim to get here a bit more and maybe try to find the builder/owner. Who knows maybe we can race it?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Not a pretty sight!

Yeah I look happy enough here! That would be the drugs!

So finally I have had my Bankart operation on my shoulder. This is to sort out the destruction I have caused blowing it apart kayaking, biking and working. The op lasted about an hour and I think it went well. There shouldn't be much of a scar due to "invisible " stitching. Sling for three weeks, no riding or boating for much longer. I will keep ya updated. Cake and magazine donations welcome. I could also do with a turbo trainer.....

Tree toppling trail destruction

We went for a little ride and build up the Mafia trails the other day. Only to find Redbelly's Big Snake had two trees across it. One at chest height, one at floor level. These are going to need a chainsaw to move them. There's lots more fallen trees too, once cleared we will have loads of wood for building more Shore.

On the plus side, we added a new jump and berms to the dual track. Some pics of that coming soon.

Exmoor Uplift

It had been a while since we had done some exploring. So Ex-mooring we went. I had had some trail tip offs from an Exmoor ranger (a customer at the shop, A.S Watersports) and he had kindly drawn on a map for me. Obviously a cold snowy day is the best for being on the highest part of Somerset and north Devon. A day of big bike uplift was wanted. It wasn't the biggest bad boy down hill around but still fun riding and we will return to seek some more in the summer with a few different bikes to get the best of the trails.

First up, after Tom KP getting us lost in the snow was adescent from Dunkery beacon, the highest point on the moor down in to Horner, about 500mtrs above sea level. Only one short up hill, some great rocky snow covered descents and a nice technical river level xc trail.

Tommy K thinks we are just about here.

Looking out to South Wales across the Bristol Channel.

A rare walking moment from the two Toms.