Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy nude year!

That's right, Happy nude year. Go on, hang out with ya wang out!
Ive got non naked surfing blogs to go up. Crazy fools, we went on Saturday, possibly the coldest day of the year. I've not seen ice on the sand for a while. Man, I must find that balaclava!.

But before i get to that here's a not all that interesting vid about upland Britain. That's Dartmoor, Exemoor and anywhere that's good and out-doorsy, big hills, mountains, commons etc. Places where beards are acceptable, long socks tucked into boots are commen place and the the trails are rough steep and muddy. You know, the rapids are higher, steeper and way more gggrrrrnnnaaarrrrlllyyy. Oh yeah, I'm in it talking about the River Dart and why it's important to me. This film was shown at a national conference last year. Go on, get a brew and have a watch.

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