Monday, December 29, 2008

Boxing Day Boarding blog (3b's)

Firstly Happy New Year! (Almost). Thankfully That C day has been and gone. The only good thing is time off work to go and play. This boxing day the charts looked good, North Devon was firing but with no one else up for waves the drive to North Devon for some big waves was out. The wind had swung to the East so I chanced it at Sidmouth. Well what do you know, I scored nice 2-3ft waves, a little cold wind but lots of sunshine and for the first hour no one else in the water!

Jacobs ladder (above) as I got there about 10am, low tide at 11ish so it was on the drop, lining up quite well and set to get better. I suited up and paddled out on the long board. The first surf I've' had since I dislocated my shoulder at the beggining of October. It was stiff but soo good to get back in the water.

With life being run on TK Time, Tom, Mandy and Dave managed to get there just after i got out (midday ish), still Tom and Mandy had been in on Christmas day as well so I let them off. It was Dave's first time in the surf so a few tips were given out. 1, Don't let go of your kayak if you come out.2, Don't let go of your paddles if you come out. 3 Don't come out of your kayak!

Boxing Day beach life, it was rammed with family's enjoying some time together and walking off the festive feast.

Lot's of people on the beach, infact there were coaches dropping of tons of Grannys for the famous Sidmouth prom walk. Retirement capital of Devon. Average age of resident 65.