Friday, November 14, 2008

La Herradura, Malaga foothills.

A wicked trail thats starts right by a dogging layby. Shonky shore drop in.

Ian on a olive grove step up.

Road tunnel wall ride. This tunnel also had a wicked climbing wall out of the sun for the locals.
get to southern Spain asap. Top winter riding destination.
All photos copy right Mark Harvey 2008.

The Tom and Ian show, 666, Malaga.

Ian goes so fast he's blurry.

Ian and Tom ruled this kicker, it's not 666 but a trail show to Tom by a local "homeboy".

Above, this is the 666.

More moto style. Tom in flight.

Spain re-visited

I've just got these pics back from Mark, all from our trip to Spain back in April.

This was a trail in the Torremolinos area! i never thought I'd go there. Still it was a huge hill, the trail went from the radio aerial pretty much to the beach. It was steep as hell, rocky as you like and gave most of us some grief at some point.

Simon getting into the dust and rocks.

Tommy K geting loose in the dirt, check the trail peel away down the hill, this was 10 mins in, 20 more to go....

That's Benelmadina/Torremolinos in the distance. You get the idea how long it is now.
Oh yeah, legs up, feel the breeze! Gotta love suspension!
Next up will be La Herradura, A trail in the hills around Malaga with some urban freeride action.
All photos copyright Mark Harvey 2008