Thursday, October 09, 2008

South West Canoe Show 2008

The South West Canoe Show hosted by A.S Watersports was last Saturday the 4th Oct and went off! This year the weather was not great and held a few people back, along with the high performance surf kayak championships held at Newquay. Still, numbers were pretty good with visitor numbers in the 1000 range and at least 200 people on the water through out the day trying all the latest kayaks and canoes on the canal.
There was so much new stuff on show we didn't get round it all.
High lights for me were in no order:

The new Yak range, OK so I'm biased towards my sponsors but the new "Yak o flage" cags were a bit of marmite. You love it or hate it! The pattern is made from Yaks. i think its cool, especially the shorts which are still in development. (we had a sneak preview yesterday at the Yak website photo shoot. More on this later). Check the Yak website for more: Yak o flage

The Liquid Logic "Biscuit" playboat. The last play boat from LL was the not too successful Ronin.
So this new boat has been much anticipated. I paddle the Vision 44 which i love. The new Biscuit will have the same tucked in rails and the over all look is that of a dodgem car! Available in three sizes this should be popular in the new year when we see it here for real.

The new Sweet range of helmets and technical soft wear. Not much new in helmets except the "Wanderer" a skate style lid that comes from the snow board market. Not sure how popular this will be but the Sweet marketing machine will do it's best. New colours of the strutter are nice though. Hot pink and sassy green for grils and boys, you choose.

Of course the Hog roast by Tommy K went down well. Cheers for the bap mate.
And to top it all we all got to go for a high water run on the River Dart "loop" section on Sunday.
This was my first run on any kind of decent moving water in 15 months. My shoulder held up although i felt pretty rusty.
Two runs for twice the fun then home for tea and medals.

The next SWCS post will have all the pics and more!

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