Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pynes Ridge

Me boosting one over the table top

I rode past the Pynes Ridge dirt jumps the other day whilst on an xc ride. It reminded me of the fun i have had there in the last few years and the hard work Vandal team rider Jamie put in to get the jumps working. Hes off the bike with a blown knee which is a bummer.At least he can get out with the spade!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New board post.

I haven't had a boarding post for ages.
So here it is.
I have just picked up this new board, one of only three in existence made for a competition (which i didn't enter). Its a 6`10" x 20 1/2" x 2 1/2" Fish shape by Jools at Gulf stream in Braunton N.Devon.

A distinctive deck graphic the same as the logo on the drink it promotes. A good swap with a friend who ran the comp.
It goes great, first try at Westward Ho! over the weekend in solid 3-4foot surf. Easy take offs, fast and super loose. I got some great backhand snaps, such a change from the long board.
It's not great at paddling out though, but that's also because of riding the longboard all winter.
I'll be getting this out at any opportunity this winter so expect an update.

Check jims blog for more surf pics from the day. 3rider

Freeride update.

I went on a mad cross country ride and half way through found my self at a local but un-official free ride spot.The stuff here is better than some near by official stuff.
Who ever is putting in the work is doing a great job.
All i can say is "truck stop"

The old gap jump resurrected (left to right) now a nice 8 foot gap but a tricky lead in.

Above the berm on the left is a wicked wall ride type of thing, this leads in to the hip jump at the bottom of the picture.
The more original line. Above this are some cool berms, a step down, a funny jump off a fallen tree and this beats at the bottom. You cant tell but it's about 15feet gap.
I'll try and get some better pictures

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back on the water!!!

Yes yes, I'm back on the water! Finally after 15 months of being off the water with a shoulder injury (3 dislocations) i manged to hit the river.

The A.S Watersports shop team drove to North Devon to Visit The River Barle on Exemoor.
This is a classic Class 2 paddle popular with open canoes and club trips.

A bit of a step down from my preferred paddling,(steep and rocky) but a great warm up for my shoulder and the rest of the gang.

All the photos and words on Jims Blog 3rider

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Elbrys new blog.

Elbry from Riderruncompany and Vandal main man has a new blog seeing as Northshorefreeriders has finally been taken off the web.

You can find out about RRC and Elbry's movements here: