Sunday, August 03, 2008

Random acts of madness.

Toms friend Coro showed us some wicked places, this was a community owned area just out of town. A crazy lime stone slide and splash pools were great fun for chilling out. i even claimed a first descent of the slide! The rock  claimed the seat of my shorts! Me launching into the small pool.
Phil hut hucking in Alpe d'huez.
Phil on the glacier, more shots of the maddest thing I've done on a bike to come soon. 3330mtrs above sea level the air is very thin and you just go so fast then crash in to a heap. I don't think any one made it down with out coming off.
The climbing tower over the fence from the campsite in Allemont, if this were in the UK it would get shut down from hooligans wrecking themselves on it. In France they are a bit more relaxed and protective of public property and no one abuses public facilitys.
Fat man Iley in full race kit.
No it's this way, No it's that way i tell you.The finer points of mountain navigation.

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