Sunday, August 03, 2008

Exeter BMX track.

Oh yes, the BMX track on Marsh Barton ind est in Exeter has been revamped. You now have to be a signed up member of Exeter Eagles BMX club to ride and the new fence is massive.
How ever its worth the £5 membership untill the end of the yaer to ride it as it looks fantastic.

Check out the Eagles gallery here: Exeter Eagles and the whole site here: Exeter Eagles

Random acts of madness.

Toms friend Coro showed us some wicked places, this was a community owned area just out of town. A crazy lime stone slide and splash pools were great fun for chilling out. i even claimed a first descent of the slide! The rock  claimed the seat of my shorts! Me launching into the small pool.
Phil hut hucking in Alpe d'huez.
Phil on the glacier, more shots of the maddest thing I've done on a bike to come soon. 3330mtrs above sea level the air is very thin and you just go so fast then crash in to a heap. I don't think any one made it down with out coming off.
The climbing tower over the fence from the campsite in Allemont, if this were in the UK it would get shut down from hooligans wrecking themselves on it. In France they are a bit more relaxed and protective of public property and no one abuses public facilitys.
Fat man Iley in full race kit.
No it's this way, No it's that way i tell you.The finer points of mountain navigation.

New rides and road gaps. A Grand Valira day out.

This resort has not been open to riders for that long and it showed. In some good ways and some bad, The tracks were excellent fun, with the most noticeable part being lack of braking bumps, there were some super fast bermy runs, and some north shore action as well. The major down side was poorly marked trails, the starts were easy to find but not marked well on the way down. A few times we had to climb some fire road to try a nd rejoin a trail or missed entry to the next section. Over all though this wasn't too bad and we had some wicked riding.
We caught a sneaky peak of  this section of big ladder drops and road gaps from the lift. We eventually found it on the last run of the day. Not really the time to hitting big jumps, when your knackerd and have legs like jelly. How ever Pinner had it in his sights and after almost two weeks of riding i felt i could have it.
As you can see it was a fair size, about 15-18 feet out and about 8 feet down by the time you hit the landing.
I had a look from the top and decided it was definatley good to go.So i sent Pinner to test jump for me!
Probabley the biggest drop of the tour for me, happy to land it sweet, as soon as i was pushing back up my hands were shaking so much i could hardley hold my bars.
Tommy K giving it plenty of style.
You may notice the absance of Andy, he was off down in the town sorting a new bike. He picked up a bargin of an ex hire bike, unfortunatley it had a duff shock so he went to sort it. with that done the was one day of riding to go.In all though a wicked day and a park to watch as it gets better. The girls in the ticket office said they only get about 10 riders a day at the moment. Thats not great for them but was fine for us, quite trails and no braking bumps.