Monday, July 28, 2008

Vallnord bike park, Andorra

Pinner going large on the world cup track at Vallnord. This park is a bit more developed than La Molina and had just hosted a World cup race. Yes the one with the Atherton domination.
It has some tracks developed by some of the worlds best riders including local hero Cedric Gracia, previous world number one Anne Caroline Chausson and some big Northshore and a whopping great 4x track. Along with the recent world cup there hd just been A Maxi Avalanche cup race that Tom participated in. The track was wicked, steep, then flowing and then some pretty horendus up hills but still very good.

Boy like Pinner, First riding trip abroad and he loved it.

Ian sending it for the New Devon Army

Just hook it on and go to the top. This is the way to ride big mountains.

All the rest of the info here: Vallnord

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