Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mega Avalanche 2008 Qualifying heats.

The boys on a scouting mission a few days before the race. L-R Andy Iley, Ian Putt, Tom Klampfer,Philberto, and Adam "Pinner" Price.

Before the main Mega race there are qualifying heats, your start position for the heat is determined by when you signed up on- line, i was quite early and got a race number of 244, this meant I started on the 3rd line of the second heat. A pretty good start position as it meant not too many people in front and the track wouldn't be to cut up. Although the hundreds of riders down it in the days previous had already seen to that. To qualify for the main race you need to finish in the top 50 of your qualifying 200. All i had to do was stay in the first 3 lines of my heat. Easy...

The official race jersey, not every one gets one of these bad boys, only the early registered. Not wearing the too small jersey got you a nice time penalty. It was a snug fit to say the least.

Early doors up the mountain, Qualifying started Dome des Rousses above Lac Blanc at 2800mtrs, there the track wound down through the famous switch backs where most of the carnage happens, as 200 excited and position hungry rides explode off the line its a mad dash for the best lines round the first gigantic loose and rocky corner. I fared OK but Phil starting in the same line as me had a massive pile up which eventually cost him his seeding.
More photos to come when i get them from none riders. I got way OK only to see Tom whizzing past from 4 lines back. Should have had my seat up.

A few crashes along the way, in the snow at the top due to slow moving traffic, over the bars on a long off camber traverse that i had ridden well all week, and a huge high speed over the bars crash floating a nice rooty section in the swoopy wood section near the bottom slowed my final time by a couple of mins, i should have peddled harder up the hill (fat chance) but over all a good ride with plenty of effort got me in to the second batch of starters for the main race.

Qualifying time 38.40.13 mins 80th in my heat and 34th in Masters for my heat. Happy days.

The finish line in Bessy d'Oz at 1250 mtrs.
Tom got over the line in just over 30 mins . Qualifying 10th. Very good. So Tom, Ian and Adam all through to the main event. See what luck they have in the next edition of 3bsports

Mr Andy Iley having just finished his first mtb race of any sort! What a way to start. High Five!

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