Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The main event.

Wooo, line x! Yup that's almost right at the back of the second wave of 400, only 750 riders to get through to claim my first place!

The only pic i have of race day before the bad stuff. The weather was crap to say the least. It goes like this: 5am start to make it for my start time, raining and generally stormy weather around the mountain, top cable car not working, queing in rain, getting cold, confused as to whats going on due to poor communication from race staff. Heavy rain, i mean heavy making the track, now not starting on the glacier very very wet and pretty dangerous. After 4 hrs of waiting and not getting any nearer the top of the mountain, 2 hrs past my start time i gave up and pulled the race. No snow, no race. For me it is all about the mass start from the top of the Glacier, not an extended version of the qualifier.

Remy Absolon Redbull sponsored winner of this years Mega blazing the field.

All was not lost though. For the main event the riders that managed to get up the mountain before the hypothermia set in were treated to some sunshine as they sprinted the final section through the town.

Yeah, all was not lost, with support like this who wouldn't peddle faster?

The final 100mtrs had some of the closest racing. For most of the bottom section of the course this is some of the widest track and the only place to pass. A few big crashes right on the finish line proved its not over until you cross the line.

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