Friday, June 20, 2008

These ones didnt get away!

Round two of kayak fishing. It was blazing hot day with no suf and my bike at the shop Jim and i jetted to Exmouth for a spot of fishing. Jim had his rigged out Manta Ray 14 and I was on a Tek sport fishing sit on loaned to us by Muppet at Typhoon.Paddling straight out from Orcombe point we trolled for a bit on lats years lure of choice, the Raparla Magnum. No joy though.
The weather was lush, with a setting sun, totally flat sea and a flooding tide we soon saw the sea gulls diving in to the sea. Paddling like mad we hit a shoal of Mackeral that the gulls were feeding on. The feathers came out and no sooner had i cast it i was in! Fish after fish jumping on to my hook. This certainly beat my last attempts. I soon had my boat full of flopping fish and had to give Jim a few to look after.
The green and blue beautys, 29 fish in 32 minuets total catch. BBQ fish is top of my summer menu.

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