Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boys got wings. The hucker section

TK "Ron J" on "Ron's mate's trail" A swift ride on a scooter coplete with muscle vest wearing "homeboy" found us this sweet treat. Ian claimed this was the best F£$%ing trail all week.

Ian "skids" (street- kid, normally found in dirty laybys eating dry bread and supping water)

Chris "im damn well gonna break my Totoms on the last day" Going big.

Ghetto trails.
Fran N Angela. Fran blazed all week on her Giant Reign " all mountain bike"

Other than the trails the best things were the graffitti, the liberal road rules, 12 year old kids on scooters with no helmets and no lights.
A weekend of "berlingo wars". Hire cars are all about the unseen damage. Including rotting fruit in the glove compartment, coke a cola in the vents and wrecked suspension.
we had a wicked day at what we wre told is Greg Minnars test track " la Zubia" no pics from me though, youll have to wait for Harveys for that.

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