Monday, June 23, 2008

Fresh Vandal Decal

Fresh new Vandal stcker on my newish 661 Carbon Bravo down hill lid.

New xc lid. Giro Zen.

Vandal at rest. Cove woods.

Norco Fluid. My new xc and 4x bike. For going up and nasty things like that.

Friday, June 20, 2008

These ones didnt get away!

Round two of kayak fishing. It was blazing hot day with no suf and my bike at the shop Jim and i jetted to Exmouth for a spot of fishing. Jim had his rigged out Manta Ray 14 and I was on a Tek sport fishing sit on loaned to us by Muppet at Typhoon.Paddling straight out from Orcombe point we trolled for a bit on lats years lure of choice, the Raparla Magnum. No joy though.
The weather was lush, with a setting sun, totally flat sea and a flooding tide we soon saw the sea gulls diving in to the sea. Paddling like mad we hit a shoal of Mackeral that the gulls were feeding on. The feathers came out and no sooner had i cast it i was in! Fish after fish jumping on to my hook. This certainly beat my last attempts. I soon had my boat full of flopping fish and had to give Jim a few to look after.
The green and blue beautys, 29 fish in 32 minuets total catch. BBQ fish is top of my summer menu.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sponsor Update

More lucky me!
Apparently im worthy of getting free stuff from Yak. makers of very reasonalby priced and totally effective paddle gear.
After getting myself as the cover boy on the 2008 catalog and generally giving them help with a bunch of events and kit testing and development in the last couple of years im on the rosta for another 6months.
So thanks very much Yak!
Expect some kit reviews and nice pics here soon.


Lucky me!

Yes Yes, im one lucky swine.

Thanks to Elbry over at RRC im getting some sweet threads for breaking my self and my bike in.
Packages in the post are always sweet and this was no exception.
some wicked new tees with my fave being the "Run dmc" Vandal tee.

Or you get them at

Boys got wings. The hucker section

TK "Ron J" on "Ron's mate's trail" A swift ride on a scooter coplete with muscle vest wearing "homeboy" found us this sweet treat. Ian claimed this was the best F£$%ing trail all week.

Ian "skids" (street- kid, normally found in dirty laybys eating dry bread and supping water)

Chris "im damn well gonna break my Totoms on the last day" Going big.

Ghetto trails.
Fran N Angela. Fran blazed all week on her Giant Reign " all mountain bike"

Other than the trails the best things were the graffitti, the liberal road rules, 12 year old kids on scooters with no helmets and no lights.
A weekend of "berlingo wars". Hire cars are all about the unseen damage. Including rotting fruit in the glove compartment, coke a cola in the vents and wrecked suspension.
we had a wicked day at what we wre told is Greg Minnars test track " la Zubia" no pics from me though, youll have to wait for Harveys for that.