Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spanish inquestition

The 555 , shortly after Ian had flown over the bars. Mont de malaga.
Tom on the "ridiculator". Not sure if thats the local name but a super fun trail. Very sandy at the top, fast in the middle and jumpy at the bottom. Accessable by cable car right in the centre of Malaga!

Above, me rock riding on La Herradurer, Mont de Malaga
Angela, flying a step down she hadn't done on previous trips. We all pushed limits at some point. I pushed up hills too. No news there! Tom " Ron Jeremy" Klampfer, 555, Mont de Malaga

Right, i've down loaded my photos and im gonna post them in no particular order.
Basiclly Spain was awesome, if you like rocky down hill trails, sandy loose trails, rooty shady trails, flowing jumpy trails, natural single track, man touched hillsides and wicked urban free ride and down hill through tiny mountain villages go to Spain!
We were based around the Malaga area, venturing north east in to the Seirra Nevada National park near Bubion, where unfortunatly riding may soon be bylawed due to some less responsible riders and illegal guiding companys. Here we rode "48 stitches" "For 6 inches only", "The historectomiser" "Bryan Adams and Maple syrup" and loads more.Waiting for sheep! The little bundles of wool had wanderd on to the trail, so we waited and cooked in the midday sun.

We then moved south nearer to Torremolinos! Ignore the fat whales on the beach and head to Mont de Malaga for some wicked trails, here you will find the very urban "La Herradurer" which included the sweetest wall ride ive ever done, even on a skate board. The road tunnel had also had climbing holds bolted to the over hang by locals for some shady climbing.Pics to follow when i get them from Mark. Up the road from that was "555" named after the kilometre mark of the road on the map. This was a wicked trail and one of the longest, it had every thing from fast and open to tight rooty shizz and flowing gullys.

Next up it was the Benalmedena area. here you can find the "Ridiculator" just a sweet and ridiculouslly fun trail with sandy berms, jumps, ladder drops and gaps. Fun in the sun.

I forget lots of the trail names in this area as my mind was starting to get brain pump from the heat and the smell of hot pads filled my nostrils. Days were spent cainning big hills in the morning, dirt jumping in the arvo and swimming, body surfing and showing Ian the delights of the Spanish beach in the early evenings!

Viva la Spania. Better photos to follow.

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