Friday, May 09, 2008

For 6 inches only!

OK ya'll, I'm back from sunny Spain. Its amazing as you may expect. This is just the taster for all the grrrnarly rocky down hill trails you will see on 3bsports. This was our second day with Switch Backs DH main man Mike. He's a top man, living in the Granada area for the last 7 years and knows all the best trails in the area. What a way to start the week off. This was the second run of "For 6 inches only" and not the first or last mechanical. 25 mins of constant steep and bouldery trails. Magic. Lots more varity coming up in the next few posts. Stay tuned to 3bsports for more free ride and down hill madness.
Fran and Angela cable tying Frans rear mech to the frame, 5 mins into the trail. These girls played hard all week and never dropped the pace. (oh yeah, almost forgot, Angela got first at Cywm carn the other week in the Dragon Down hill series)

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