Monday, April 14, 2008

The search

Cox Tor.

Hmmm, grey gloomy and quite high...? It must be Dartmoor. The South West's very own mountainous region.
In the never ending quest for natural down hill tracks Tom and I once again headed out to the hilliest area we know of. We also had a suspicion that the recent Dirt mag had taken some photos near Merrivale quarry, but now we are not sure.
so we fond ourselves at the top of Cox Tor, 442 mtrs above sea level, surely some free ride fun to be had? After mucking about at the top trying to find some lines amongst the debris we headed down the hill, 90 seconds (if that) and some wet slidy grass bumps we were back at the van looking for moor. Moor, geddit?
Rocks, steep hills and sunshine. But still not the perfect combo.

One the way out from our tryed and tested rocky run from Nuns Cross to Burrator reservoir we spied this short but sweet piece of single track. The search continues........

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