Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At the end of the day.

Whilst at Saunton (N.Devon) after a surf the other week i had a couple of hours on my hands.

Moving car sunset on the way home from a great day at Puddle Town woods. Still one of my favourite places to ride.

Ok so its not sunset, Turf Locks, Exeter ship canal.

Hip Hop dont stop.

At last some pics of the funny hip/ edge transfer we've made. It needs a bigger landing and a smoother tranny on the take of but it kinda works. Some like , most dont! Therefore it stays!
Switch from left edge to right with a bit of a whip. If they were made of dirt no one would notice them

Tom Kp's new extension, not sure what's happening yet. It's about 4 feet to the ground at the end. I've thought about a gap to seesaw!?
Classic seesaw just before the new bit(above). How easy are these to make!

Elbry hits Daddy bear, 18` gap, good work on a hard tail.

Elbry wopping the table with a phat whip. Honest! Damn darkness.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mafia trails chin cam, first trials.

Warning: low quality video, if you watch it, dont expect too much.

This is the result of my first attempts at helmet cam with the Go-Pro digital hero camera. www.go-pro.com

We mounted it on the chin guard of our full face helemts, just need to lift it up a bit so you get more in the frame. It also needs a lot of light to work well, it starts off good but as soon as you hit the woods it goes dark.
So the quality is not great, especially after the net compresses them.
Check back for more after the next session.

We will definatly try to get up there with a better cam soon. Some big sessions in the pipline.....

Riders: Elbry + Ewart