Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Eve!!!! 2007

New Years Eve @ the Phoenix in Exeter Presented by Beats and Bobz and Rinseout.
Thsi year i got to Dj at the nye party that has sold out for the last 7 years, and in the v.i.p no less! It sounds good but the sound system was pooh and no monitor ment my skills were worse then normal!! Thats pretty bad! Any the place was rammed as you would expect with little raving scallys every where. This will be the nye i remember... for some total little "!%£" puking down my back as i was trying to get out the door. Punk.

Any how it was still a phat night for most and i got home not too late. Bye bye to a year in the grand scheme of things that wasnt to bad, i went to Norway for the first time.Wicked. France for some biking action. Bonza. And made new friends, kept old ones and had a jolly good time. In the details it was a pain in the shoulder.yadayadayada....

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