Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 first blog!!!!! whooo yeah!

Well why not start with a pic of my bike?
I went to the Mafia trails for a build and ride session to day.Put together this berm, it joins the booters and gives a very fast entry to "Hustle and Flow", and to the "Girly line" both of which are riding super nice. You can now hit my funny hip as well.
Nice sunny pic of the middle berm (and the best shaped one) in "Redbelly's Big Snake" also riding super nice still. sooo fast even in the damp.
Getting on line for this new beauty is tricky if you hit the roots on the corner. Pic from the front.
The plan is to get enough speed to make a little hip jump after it. Suggestions please. Pic from the exit. Bring it on 2008, what ya got for me?

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