Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Megamegamegamegamega! oh yeah Mega!

Oh Yeah baby! im signed up for my second attempt at the Megavalanche mtb race in Alp d'huez France!

I've just got to stay in one peice between now and then. And then all i have to do is leave TKP in my French dust. Come on tommy, what ya got.?
Expect lots of pre Mega spouting from me n him.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ditchin' Thats what its called when you hike up a steep stream and bash down it.
Heres a slide show from Tom Bailey (you might remember Tom from such escapades as Team manbearpig go wild in Scotland)

Check back for some footage of it in descent water. (lots of rain has fallen)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Summer and Autum

This is not related to the next few pics. Finally a pic of my truck. Jordalen, Norway July 07.
A picture on TKP's blog reminded me how awesome our surf trip to Portugal in October 2004 was. Me racing a big section. And yes, i made it. Tonel Beach break.
The Man Like Tom Kirkpatrick, paddling into a beauty of a 3` set. This pic was published in the book "Surf Kayaking, the essential guide" By ex world champ Simon Hammond.
Tonel from the cliffs above. Also published in Surf Kayaking.....
theres loads more. But it was ages ago so thats all you get.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Work web banner

Our new web banner at work.

Thanks to Benny @ GAK Design. Check out his blog and if you need great creative design for any occasion get in touch with him Click the banner for animation.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 first blog!!!!! whooo yeah!

Well why not start with a pic of my bike?
I went to the Mafia trails for a build and ride session to day.Put together this berm, it joins the booters and gives a very fast entry to "Hustle and Flow", and to the "Girly line" both of which are riding super nice. You can now hit my funny hip as well.
Nice sunny pic of the middle berm (and the best shaped one) in "Redbelly's Big Snake" also riding super nice still. sooo fast even in the damp.
Getting on line for this new beauty is tricky if you hit the roots on the corner. Pic from the front.
The plan is to get enough speed to make a little hip jump after it. Suggestions please. Pic from the exit. Bring it on 2008, what ya got for me?

New Years Eve!!!! 2007

New Years Eve @ the Phoenix in Exeter Presented by Beats and Bobz and Rinseout.
Thsi year i got to Dj at the nye party that has sold out for the last 7 years, and in the v.i.p no less! It sounds good but the sound system was pooh and no monitor ment my skills were worse then normal!! Thats pretty bad! Any the place was rammed as you would expect with little raving scallys every where. This will be the nye i remember... for some total little "!%£" puking down my back as i was trying to get out the door. Punk.

Any how it was still a phat night for most and i got home not too late. Bye bye to a year in the grand scheme of things that wasnt to bad, i went to Norway for the first time.Wicked. France for some biking action. Bonza. And made new friends, kept old ones and had a jolly good time. In the details it was a pain in the shoulder.yadayadayada....

Charity Chop Sound System

In between Christams and new year we did a gig for the New Devon Army.
We dressed as Jimmy Saville and played records we bought in charity shops. there are more photos about but this is the only one im leeting you see. James "jimmy" Gill on the wheels.
Whats the Beaver by the decks all about?