Monday, December 29, 2008

Boxing Day Boarding blog (3b's)

Firstly Happy New Year! (Almost). Thankfully That C day has been and gone. The only good thing is time off work to go and play. This boxing day the charts looked good, North Devon was firing but with no one else up for waves the drive to North Devon for some big waves was out. The wind had swung to the East so I chanced it at Sidmouth. Well what do you know, I scored nice 2-3ft waves, a little cold wind but lots of sunshine and for the first hour no one else in the water!

Jacobs ladder (above) as I got there about 10am, low tide at 11ish so it was on the drop, lining up quite well and set to get better. I suited up and paddled out on the long board. The first surf I've' had since I dislocated my shoulder at the beggining of October. It was stiff but soo good to get back in the water.

With life being run on TK Time, Tom, Mandy and Dave managed to get there just after i got out (midday ish), still Tom and Mandy had been in on Christmas day as well so I let them off. It was Dave's first time in the surf so a few tips were given out. 1, Don't let go of your kayak if you come out.2, Don't let go of your paddles if you come out. 3 Don't come out of your kayak!

Boxing Day beach life, it was rammed with family's enjoying some time together and walking off the festive feast.

Lot's of people on the beach, infact there were coaches dropping of tons of Grannys for the famous Sidmouth prom walk. Retirement capital of Devon. Average age of resident 65.

Friday, November 14, 2008

La Herradura, Malaga foothills.

A wicked trail thats starts right by a dogging layby. Shonky shore drop in.

Ian on a olive grove step up.

Road tunnel wall ride. This tunnel also had a wicked climbing wall out of the sun for the locals.
get to southern Spain asap. Top winter riding destination.
All photos copy right Mark Harvey 2008.

The Tom and Ian show, 666, Malaga.

Ian goes so fast he's blurry.

Ian and Tom ruled this kicker, it's not 666 but a trail show to Tom by a local "homeboy".

Above, this is the 666.

More moto style. Tom in flight.

Spain re-visited

I've just got these pics back from Mark, all from our trip to Spain back in April.

This was a trail in the Torremolinos area! i never thought I'd go there. Still it was a huge hill, the trail went from the radio aerial pretty much to the beach. It was steep as hell, rocky as you like and gave most of us some grief at some point.

Simon getting into the dust and rocks.

Tommy K geting loose in the dirt, check the trail peel away down the hill, this was 10 mins in, 20 more to go....

That's Benelmadina/Torremolinos in the distance. You get the idea how long it is now.
Oh yeah, legs up, feel the breeze! Gotta love suspension!
Next up will be La Herradura, A trail in the hills around Malaga with some urban freeride action.
All photos copyright Mark Harvey 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Yak Photo shoot Exemouth

A couple of weeks back i took part in a photo shoot for Yak. The aim was to get some shots of their new 2009 range of kit. The photos would be used (if any good) for the Yak website and other marketing.

We popped down to Exemouth on the south coast as the light was great and there's easy access for the Photographer. Here i am surfing a Dagger Blackwater touring kayak. Not what it's really meant for.

Andy is always up for some paddling. He gets stuck in to some sea kayak surfing.

Alice is always up for ... sleeping. Getting busy on the sit on top.

There was a nice little shore break wave that had me entertained for a while.
Next up is the white water section.
All photos courtesy Pete Ford. Copy right Yak Paddling Equipment.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elbry hits the "truck stop".

Elbry (Rider Run Company, Vandal) has sent me this short vid of him at the "Truck stop" spot.
It's one of two step ups at the spot and jumps over the step down. Any one for doubles?

Elbry hitting the step up.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

New trail action.

Blogs with no pics are rubbish. That will change. Just got to get the pics from mates.
i found a new bit of trail at Stoke woods. You can now go top to bottom. At least 1 min of down hill. Not a rough track but a fun trail that needs some development.
More on that soon.

South West Canoe Show 2008

The South West Canoe Show hosted by A.S Watersports was last Saturday the 4th Oct and went off! This year the weather was not great and held a few people back, along with the high performance surf kayak championships held at Newquay. Still, numbers were pretty good with visitor numbers in the 1000 range and at least 200 people on the water through out the day trying all the latest kayaks and canoes on the canal.
There was so much new stuff on show we didn't get round it all.
High lights for me were in no order:

The new Yak range, OK so I'm biased towards my sponsors but the new "Yak o flage" cags were a bit of marmite. You love it or hate it! The pattern is made from Yaks. i think its cool, especially the shorts which are still in development. (we had a sneak preview yesterday at the Yak website photo shoot. More on this later). Check the Yak website for more: Yak o flage

The Liquid Logic "Biscuit" playboat. The last play boat from LL was the not too successful Ronin.
So this new boat has been much anticipated. I paddle the Vision 44 which i love. The new Biscuit will have the same tucked in rails and the over all look is that of a dodgem car! Available in three sizes this should be popular in the new year when we see it here for real.

The new Sweet range of helmets and technical soft wear. Not much new in helmets except the "Wanderer" a skate style lid that comes from the snow board market. Not sure how popular this will be but the Sweet marketing machine will do it's best. New colours of the strutter are nice though. Hot pink and sassy green for grils and boys, you choose.

Of course the Hog roast by Tommy K went down well. Cheers for the bap mate.
And to top it all we all got to go for a high water run on the River Dart "loop" section on Sunday.
This was my first run on any kind of decent moving water in 15 months. My shoulder held up although i felt pretty rusty.
Two runs for twice the fun then home for tea and medals.

The next SWCS post will have all the pics and more!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pynes Ridge

Me boosting one over the table top

I rode past the Pynes Ridge dirt jumps the other day whilst on an xc ride. It reminded me of the fun i have had there in the last few years and the hard work Vandal team rider Jamie put in to get the jumps working. Hes off the bike with a blown knee which is a bummer.At least he can get out with the spade!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New board post.

I haven't had a boarding post for ages.
So here it is.
I have just picked up this new board, one of only three in existence made for a competition (which i didn't enter). Its a 6`10" x 20 1/2" x 2 1/2" Fish shape by Jools at Gulf stream in Braunton N.Devon.

A distinctive deck graphic the same as the logo on the drink it promotes. A good swap with a friend who ran the comp.
It goes great, first try at Westward Ho! over the weekend in solid 3-4foot surf. Easy take offs, fast and super loose. I got some great backhand snaps, such a change from the long board.
It's not great at paddling out though, but that's also because of riding the longboard all winter.
I'll be getting this out at any opportunity this winter so expect an update.

Check jims blog for more surf pics from the day. 3rider

Freeride update.

I went on a mad cross country ride and half way through found my self at a local but un-official free ride spot.The stuff here is better than some near by official stuff.
Who ever is putting in the work is doing a great job.
All i can say is "truck stop"

The old gap jump resurrected (left to right) now a nice 8 foot gap but a tricky lead in.

Above the berm on the left is a wicked wall ride type of thing, this leads in to the hip jump at the bottom of the picture.
The more original line. Above this are some cool berms, a step down, a funny jump off a fallen tree and this beats at the bottom. You cant tell but it's about 15feet gap.
I'll try and get some better pictures

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back on the water!!!

Yes yes, I'm back on the water! Finally after 15 months of being off the water with a shoulder injury (3 dislocations) i manged to hit the river.

The A.S Watersports shop team drove to North Devon to Visit The River Barle on Exemoor.
This is a classic Class 2 paddle popular with open canoes and club trips.

A bit of a step down from my preferred paddling,(steep and rocky) but a great warm up for my shoulder and the rest of the gang.

All the photos and words on Jims Blog 3rider

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Elbrys new blog.

Elbry from Riderruncompany and Vandal main man has a new blog seeing as Northshorefreeriders has finally been taken off the web.

You can find out about RRC and Elbry's movements here:

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Exeter BMX track.

Oh yes, the BMX track on Marsh Barton ind est in Exeter has been revamped. You now have to be a signed up member of Exeter Eagles BMX club to ride and the new fence is massive.
How ever its worth the £5 membership untill the end of the yaer to ride it as it looks fantastic.

Check out the Eagles gallery here: Exeter Eagles and the whole site here: Exeter Eagles

Random acts of madness.

Toms friend Coro showed us some wicked places, this was a community owned area just out of town. A crazy lime stone slide and splash pools were great fun for chilling out. i even claimed a first descent of the slide! The rock  claimed the seat of my shorts! Me launching into the small pool.
Phil hut hucking in Alpe d'huez.
Phil on the glacier, more shots of the maddest thing I've done on a bike to come soon. 3330mtrs above sea level the air is very thin and you just go so fast then crash in to a heap. I don't think any one made it down with out coming off.
The climbing tower over the fence from the campsite in Allemont, if this were in the UK it would get shut down from hooligans wrecking themselves on it. In France they are a bit more relaxed and protective of public property and no one abuses public facilitys.
Fat man Iley in full race kit.
No it's this way, No it's that way i tell you.The finer points of mountain navigation.

New rides and road gaps. A Grand Valira day out.

This resort has not been open to riders for that long and it showed. In some good ways and some bad, The tracks were excellent fun, with the most noticeable part being lack of braking bumps, there were some super fast bermy runs, and some north shore action as well. The major down side was poorly marked trails, the starts were easy to find but not marked well on the way down. A few times we had to climb some fire road to try a nd rejoin a trail or missed entry to the next section. Over all though this wasn't too bad and we had some wicked riding.
We caught a sneaky peak of  this section of big ladder drops and road gaps from the lift. We eventually found it on the last run of the day. Not really the time to hitting big jumps, when your knackerd and have legs like jelly. How ever Pinner had it in his sights and after almost two weeks of riding i felt i could have it.
As you can see it was a fair size, about 15-18 feet out and about 8 feet down by the time you hit the landing.
I had a look from the top and decided it was definatley good to go.So i sent Pinner to test jump for me!
Probabley the biggest drop of the tour for me, happy to land it sweet, as soon as i was pushing back up my hands were shaking so much i could hardley hold my bars.
Tommy K giving it plenty of style.
You may notice the absance of Andy, he was off down in the town sorting a new bike. He picked up a bargin of an ex hire bike, unfortunatley it had a duff shock so he went to sort it. with that done the was one day of riding to go.In all though a wicked day and a park to watch as it gets better. The girls in the ticket office said they only get about 10 riders a day at the moment. Thats not great for them but was fine for us, quite trails and no braking bumps.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Vallnord bike park, Andorra

Pinner going large on the world cup track at Vallnord. This park is a bit more developed than La Molina and had just hosted a World cup race. Yes the one with the Atherton domination.
It has some tracks developed by some of the worlds best riders including local hero Cedric Gracia, previous world number one Anne Caroline Chausson and some big Northshore and a whopping great 4x track. Along with the recent world cup there hd just been A Maxi Avalanche cup race that Tom participated in. The track was wicked, steep, then flowing and then some pretty horendus up hills but still very good.

Boy like Pinner, First riding trip abroad and he loved it.

Ian sending it for the New Devon Army

Just hook it on and go to the top. This is the way to ride big mountains.

All the rest of the info here: Vallnord

La Molina, Kona bike park,Spain

Actually no photos from here just yet.

We arrived here to find that there was an open weekend with the Kona clump team including John Cowan, Grant "Chopper" Feilder, Andrew Lacondeguy, Luis Lacondeguy and others all taking sessions and guiding some kids down the trails. I gave a tube to one of the Dirt jumpers how had a flat right at the top of the dh tracks.It was his first time riding dh. Didnt cath his name though but we saved him a long walk.
This place is wicked and was some of my favorite riding from eh whole trip.
The trails included the Catalonian Champion ship dh track which was some of the steepest riding ive ever done. Fast, Loose and rocky with a bunch of tech thrown in. 1.7 km long with 350 mtrs of vertical descent.

Check it all out here:

I think from the Kona site it was the 2009 product launch. Still i had my trusty stinky so no need for a new bike just yet.

Spain and Andorra are shaping up to be my favourite places to go ride. Check it out soon.

I thought i was in Spain, not Utah

Any one seen the Roam dvd? This was half way down a 14km descent on the out skirts of La seu d'urgell Spain, just down the road from Andorra. Coro told us about this natural descent and we had to do it as it was our last day. He forgot to mention he had never ridden it on his mtb, only on his motocross bike. Real free riding. The pics dont do it justice as to how amazing the scenery was and how rough and steep the trail was. The top section (below) was just like the sand stone of Utah and perfect for jumping.

Crazy moon land.

Arty flower shot.

The trail was not quite as sweet as honey, it definatley had a sting in its tail.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Chris "faggot" From Green Badger racing, not sure where Chris finished but he did despite a few off bike moments and mechanicals.

Adam "Pinner" Price. Boy did good, not known for his love of peddling his Giant Glory up hill Adam rode very fast down and placed 11th over all for juniors. Top marks mate.

Mud sweat and no gears. Savage racing conditions. The Brits should be used to this yet we still haven't had a winner here. Except for Danny Hart, 1st place juniors and he's only 16!!

Podium action. Men's finalist's