Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mud, sweat and no beers

Right the new year is nigh and so is a big belly. The lack of riding/paddling due to injury is making good work of my belly.
So today i started the new year regime early and went for a little ride.
Having still not had any clearence to ride or boat i thought some flat stuff should be ok.
so off to the garage to get a copy of Dirt i went. Hey, i rode some more, cheeky beggers. Along the south west cycle network path that runs along the south coast towards Dawlish, on to the canal tow path to Turf locks. Finding the pub closed (a small blessing and a message im sure) i carried on. Following the path along the Exe estuary towards Powderham Castle. Now, theres no sign to say no bikes on this bit of path but with some of the looks i was getting from the ramblers you would have thought i was riding a motocross bike in their garden! Getting over the train track at Powderham i had a look at the deer munching away and peddled into Starcross. Deciding i was to muddy to visit the shop there i turned around and headed towards Kenton, i had a breif idea of going up the hill to Haldon (truck stop side) but with no helmet i thought better of it. Its not the massive hill between me and the trails though. Just safety first!

I should however of gone off road as the main road between Dawlish and Exeter is frequented by cars moving very quick and far to close to me! Its also "undulating" (hilly, for a unfit person). As soon as i got to Exminster it was back on to the canal tow path by the swans nest now it was just angry looking walkers again! who'd of thought it was part of a national cycle network.

A short flat peddle back into town and home for a quick bike wash burning calves and a small sense of satisfaction. Now I've only got to do this 3 days a week and i might, just might be fit enough for the Mega again! Roll on The new year! Did i meantion i need a new seat? jump seats arnt meant for "distance riding".

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