Friday, November 02, 2007

road to ruin.

well well well, three holes in a row.
it was going so well.
since the road to recover post i had been getting much stronger and fitter again.
Getting out in a k1 at least three times a week and covering osme flat water miles.
i had been surfing again(a four hour sesh with Ed C) on the "door" which actually turns out to be a rocket ship.
And then.......
A quick little blast of the step down at the Mafia trails, my front wheel slides out and i get my arm stuck in the ladder.
Dislocation of the right arm number two!!!!
Season over for real now.
Hopefully a scan will show any major damage, and back to basic physio again. Worst case a pin in shoulder(a little way off though)
Best case... fixed and strong again by april/may time. just in time for The Mega again and maybe the Andorran one as well. A birthday treat that would be.
"its not breaking your self that hurts, it's the getting better"

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