Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sweet single speed STP

My sweet Giant STP hard tail has finally been given the single speed treatment.
A 34/16 is feeling realy good and the gusset half link chain gives good tension with out the need for a tensioner.
I also like the way it's flat on top, good for street grinds and looks way pimp. And best of all, no clattering gears and mech. The bike just feels lighter and way more whippy. Look out foam pit here i come!

Foam pit update

This looks like a lot of foam. Its not.
Skam on the build action.
Way more foam needed. Should be ready by or just after Chrimbo. Hopefully an opening foam pit party?

Mafia trails update

The kicker at the bottom of the main "stunt" line. It looks shabby but is sooo smooth.
A new skinny on the "skills" line. Put up By Phil and Dave, rebuilt by Tom and Ewart.
Apparently Dave is an Army engineer. You couldn't tell!

The bigger step down, this is were i dislocated my shoulder again. More wood has now filled the bigger gaps and it rides sweet.The new "learner ladder" from the bottom. With a little step down above it just to slow you down.
The big and little ladder from above

Tom K giveing it a little test.

Friday, November 02, 2007

road to ruin.

well well well, three holes in a row.
it was going so well.
since the road to recover post i had been getting much stronger and fitter again.
Getting out in a k1 at least three times a week and covering osme flat water miles.
i had been surfing again(a four hour sesh with Ed C) on the "door" which actually turns out to be a rocket ship.
And then.......
A quick little blast of the step down at the Mafia trails, my front wheel slides out and i get my arm stuck in the ladder.
Dislocation of the right arm number two!!!!
Season over for real now.
Hopefully a scan will show any major damage, and back to basic physio again. Worst case a pin in shoulder(a little way off though)
Best case... fixed and strong again by april/may time. just in time for The Mega again and maybe the Andorran one as well. A birthday treat that would be.
"its not breaking your self that hurts, it's the getting better"