Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Huckin'! Norge Gnarl

Rolf Kelly, Super nice American boater, Likes to run the s^%t with a car inna tube!
Scoping lines prior to the team race, Part of Voss Extremsportveko.
Tim Falling sideways down the Ula waterfalls, an amazing triple combo.
"Nose Breaker" Very high river levels ment this was a no go today.

Random Norway photos

Its massive! Nick Horwood went first and came up right next to the waterfall with out his paddles, Andy went next and styled it!
The "rave cave", its actually part of the longest road tunnel in Europe. All 26kms of it!
Tim Trew hanging out on the front of the Mighty Hick Truck, whilst waiting for his fire cooked Salmon and collecting man points.
Andy slip slidin' his way down the Upper Jori. A very nice slide filled pool drop river.
More Norway still to come on 3bsports......

Mega Qualifier day

And their off! This was just one wave of racers all vieing for postion ahead of the the first corner.
My favourite picture of the week, it just shows how close the racing is. Lots of riders of all abilitys going for it!! (sorry for the funny text action, cant sort it out)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Megavalanche race day

More shiney metal. The first 5 rows
And their off!
If you look closely you can see a guy in a cow suit, he has some good footage on you tube.
It's going well for most so far...

Not now it's not, the carnage just get worse the further back in the line up you get. The key is to qualifiy with a good time, so your near the front. It's mad just how fast the front line cranks down the snow. Well i guess i would with 400 other idiots chasing me!

An early start

If you want to get up to see the main event off the glacier it's a 5am start to get to the top at 7am for the sunrise. Well worth it.
Saab and Solomon, main sponsors
More mountains in the sun, you can see mt blanc from here.
The track to the start is pretty steep.
Lining them up, a few quids worth.

mega warm up pics

These are phat bikes you can rent to blaze the trails with, or the snow in winter.
The seat is less than waist high. I want one.

The bike park in Les 2 alpes, lots of fun jumps and hucks.
The que for lifts up to the top of the qualifing race on saturday started early.

Oops, its sideways. Lining up for qualifying.

mega or bust

Yep yep, I'm back from the Megavalanche in Alp D'huez, french alps.

This was meant to be the madness race of a life time.
But of course i have a first day curse, you guessed it, i broke my collar bone on the first day trail riding.
i didn't know i'd fractured my collar bone so kept riding for another hour down some feeckin steep red downhill runs.

I sure knew after though.
Tuesday was spent at the french doc's and his x ray machine. I'm collecting x rays from all over Europe now. Its my new hobby. A three way compound fracture means another 6 weeks off the bike and put my physio back by probably 8 weeks.
photos to follow.