Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some times its like a jungle

If you go down to the woods today
You might find a trail
I guess we haven't been riding or building lately

Well, rain stopped play for a bit and lack of materials but we have more....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Broken (wet) Dreams

This is it. The last rapid on the Strondelva.

Hit the big cushion left side of the rock.

Voss Extrem sports Veko, Voss, Norway

During my stay in Voss Norway it was the 10th anniversary of the Voss Extrmesportsveko.
This is mainly a Paragliding and skydiving festival but with bits of white water kayaking, base jumping and mountain biking. These are some pics from the Nissan/Helly Hansen sponsored slope style comp. Helly Hansen sponsored riders Cam Mccaul and Andrew Shandro were there. Cam was riding, Shandro was judging. There was lots of carnage and very pretty onlookers. Well it is Norway! The nice view over Voss

A local ripper
Another local ripper who was stretchered off with a broken coller bone, i think he was called Andreas Ballbag, well that's what it sounded like!

A nice phat table over the big set.

EDF party on the quay

Andrie Burton hops to a watery peril.
Andrie is a world top ten trials rider. He works in Saddles and Paddles on the quay. Pop in if you want some info on trials riding.
The fire works are allways worth going for.

Mega Rave, Syncronicity@ Pheonix, Exeter

Raging Bull, Sam,Duncan and Ewart's birthday rave

bloggin at last!

In light of recent events, namely me going on holiday i have some stuff to blog.
Also coming up some other non sports related pictures.

But the main news I'm now not competing in the Megavalanche Down hill race in France this summer due to injury.
i managed to dislocate my shoulder whilst white water kayaking in Norway a few weeks back.
That is on top of my dislocated thumb which i did at the end of March!!
Not exactly year of adventure.
i will still be attending the race and the week prior to document some more of the 3bsports/3rider crew.

Friday, July 06, 2007

at last an update

Finally i get to update my blog.,
lots of stuff to up date as i now have a way of uploading pics i have taken.
But you'll have to wait until i get home from Norway!