Friday, March 16, 2007

Mega Avalanche training day 2

Day two training, well not day but night time.
Headed out to Woodbury common on Tuesday with Tom Klampher and the Bike shed lads.
As night rides go this wasn't to technical or ballsy just a bit too much up hill for me. Had to jump off a couple of times as I've been having rear mech issues.This should be sorted today.A new mech purchased, more cash.....
The ride: We started off by diving into the woods around the earth works castle on the top of the common for fairly open single track, me trying to keep up with Tom as he had much better lights. A petzl head torch is not enough for night riding, i need some better lights.The single track then steepened up a bit as dove into a more flowing section through the woods with a couple of nice step downs and a stream crossing. more up hill and claggy mud brought us to what i thought was the best section of the night, I think they called it "stumpy, rooty" a nice down hill section with berms and some jumps in it.I'm going to try6 and find that section again today. I say try as i have know idea where it was on the common... it was dark.

as fair as training goes my bike is riding well and i must be doing some good, if i don't ride for a few days they stiffen up.Constant riding seems to be order of the day.

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