Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mega Avalanch training: Day 1

Not quite appropriate picture but still biking.Me at Woodbury dirt jumps last summer(06)

Yup, we have started training for the Race. It's not until July but we are taking it fairly seriously other wise I'll die. Well not quite but it will punish us.
For those who don't know what this race entails I'll explain: 1000 mountain bikers all leaving the top of a 300mtr peak in the Southern French Alps all within the space of two hours. That's right, 500 bikers an hour down the side of a mountain!! The race starts above the snow line and for the first 800 mtrs you ride across the glacier, slippin' and slidein' as you go.The track then goes over very rough, non doctored mountain side until you reach some of the more groomed ski slopes, then it goes into single bike width tracks untill you reach the bottom at 800meters above sea level.17kms of mental down hill nuttyness! I'll never turn thirty again if this is the sort of thing it makes you want to do!!
Oh yeah the training! Well today we started with an easy one.A short 20 km loop from Princetown out on to the moor and then cutting down to Burrowtor reservoir and then a short road section before climbing about 250 mtrs up on to the moor again for one last 5km down hill section, a nice hard track with some large drainage ditches to jump.Fun.
See how the rest goes............

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