Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Down and out on Dartmoor.

This is one of the first of only a few nice moves on the Upper Walkham, West Dartmoor.
Being run at ridiculously low levels by myself. The reason for us being on the river is all my fault. We have had such a good season up to now i was on a mission to get this section of river ticked off. We knew it was to low but we were there and the sun was out, surely what could be that bad?

Karma has a funny way of presenting its self, about 1km in i wedged my paddle between a tree and a rock, heard a very loud crack and moved off with a snapped carbon Werner. Me boofing with a broken paddle

Jeremy van Reimsdyke, enjoying winter sun

Mike Scutt,Nice flowers Mike.

Mike's a good sport, i told him there was going to be plenty of water so he drove down from shepperton.i lied. he now wont talk to me, let alone paddle with me again. opps.Sorry Mike.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

If only this was me. A who and where compertition.

It' wasn't dry then.
It is now.
The bikes are fixed.
The pics are coming.
But for now....
Who, and where?

Bonus points for when!

Possible reward.