Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Delightful Dartmoor!

Oh yes, the "home run" here are a few nice pics from my last blast down The Upper Dart this last Sunday (21/01/07).
Pics by Jim Ottaway, stylin' boatin' by me!

The unrealisticly named "Euthanasia Falls". Showing a nice level for the right hand line, boofing off the ledge at the bottom of the pic on to the cushion.

Me stylin' a pretty good line at "Sharras Pool" a nasty drop near the end of the run. click the image and wait for the animation!

Another calender boy pose.Im getting jip from my mum after appearing in the Canoe and kayak magazine freebie calender.Mr October no less!

It's gone cold and ry now so hopefully some bikin' blogs soon. Keep checkin' back for more 3bsports action.

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