Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Delightful Dartmoor!

Oh yes, the "home run" here are a few nice pics from my last blast down The Upper Dart this last Sunday (21/01/07).
Pics by Jim Ottaway, stylin' boatin' by me!

The unrealisticly named "Euthanasia Falls". Showing a nice level for the right hand line, boofing off the ledge at the bottom of the pic on to the cushion.

Me stylin' a pretty good line at "Sharras Pool" a nasty drop near the end of the run. click the image and wait for the animation!

Another calender boy pose.Im getting jip from my mum after appearing in the Canoe and kayak magazine freebie calender.Mr October no less!

It's gone cold and ry now so hopefully some bikin' blogs soon. Keep checkin' back for more 3bsports action.

Dartmoor is done!

Its official, we have cracked Dartmoor. Well the good stuff any way.
Over the last few months my self and a motley crew have tackled and won on the best and hardest white water runs in the West Country.
There is now only two rivers of note left to do before the official season ends in march.
These two being: The Upper Walkham on the West side of the moor, running from Merrivale down and The Avon, on the south of the moor running into South Brent.
I'm not to bothered if we don't get these done as we have now cracked THE UPPER PLYM!
A river reputedly known to many as the hardest trip on Dartmoor and possibley the hardest small steep creek in the UK! (according to the English white water guide book)
Damn that Roger Ford, he beat me to it! But i'm sure i had more water!
Looking at the get out at Shaugh Prior and inspecting the levels for my first trip Simon(Westgarth) didn't say it was low or any thing like that, just"it looks good, but its rising".

Yup, its steep, continuous and not good on your head.
No pictures im afraid. A digi camara is on the way for my birthday.

Apart from that we have done:
The East Okement, wicked granite slabs and some nice pool drop action.Once at 55 on the gauge and once at 75, thats a lot of water.

The North Teign, including the masacistic tree strew upper section and the very steep similar but not as good upper Plym tree strewn, no eddie lower section.

The Upper Dart, lots and lots and lots, some at highish water, about 7 feet on the gauge(or just about through the third arch if you know New Bridge. Including a big fat hole ride and subsiquent swim for me. Cheers Ed and Simon, i still owe you beers!

The Erme, not lots this year but at some reasonalbe water.A Devon Classic for sure, one of my fave runs.see my earlyer post for some pics of this.

Sorry about the lack of pictures s, have a look at Jim "3rider" Ottaways blog for some nice upper Dart action from the weekend. Make sure you look at the animation.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy new year!

Yup thats another done n dusted yeehaa!
I hope you got all the nice stuff you wanted, including a big belly.
I got some cool stuff and when my computer is working properly again you shall see it here first.
Me n the 3b crew did loads of good boating and biking over the festive holidays including a very wet n muddy ride at Abbey Ford north shore in Okehampton check Jims blog for some more pics. www.3rider.blogspot.com a few nice runs on the Upper Dart and lots of playboating on the Loop and Flower pots.
Playboating, it's the new creeking.
A long cross country ride that i was tricked into is the Nutcracker, a nice 10 plus miler in the very steep valley of Lustleigh Cleave near Bovey Tracey on the eastern edge of Dartmoor."a really good descent, in the top ten in the country" i was assured,"just a bit peddley".... all %^&$£%$*in peddley if you ask me.
Any way it is a nice if up hill ride with a great technical descent. Very steep with lots of large bits of granite placed randomly. The end result being i bust my forks! im now £130 lighter in the pocket but i do have a set of Mazzocci Super T's that feel like new on my bike. Shame its not back yet.

Lustleigh Cleave is also home to the River Bovey, A very steep boulder section of river in a depp wooded valley, lovely i hear you cry! Well ive got news for you...
It's not.Its full of things.. mostley green and made of wood.see the pictures for more and make up your own mind.
thats all for now.
Oh and a big shout to all the cool people that made NYE very much fun. You kow who you are.