Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mud, sweat and no beers

Right the new year is nigh and so is a big belly. The lack of riding/paddling due to injury is making good work of my belly.
So today i started the new year regime early and went for a little ride.
Having still not had any clearence to ride or boat i thought some flat stuff should be ok.
so off to the garage to get a copy of Dirt i went. Hey, i rode some more, cheeky beggers. Along the south west cycle network path that runs along the south coast towards Dawlish, on to the canal tow path to Turf locks. Finding the pub closed (a small blessing and a message im sure) i carried on. Following the path along the Exe estuary towards Powderham Castle. Now, theres no sign to say no bikes on this bit of path but with some of the looks i was getting from the ramblers you would have thought i was riding a motocross bike in their garden! Getting over the train track at Powderham i had a look at the deer munching away and peddled into Starcross. Deciding i was to muddy to visit the shop there i turned around and headed towards Kenton, i had a breif idea of going up the hill to Haldon (truck stop side) but with no helmet i thought better of it. Its not the massive hill between me and the trails though. Just safety first!

I should however of gone off road as the main road between Dawlish and Exeter is frequented by cars moving very quick and far to close to me! Its also "undulating" (hilly, for a unfit person). As soon as i got to Exminster it was back on to the canal tow path by the swans nest now it was just angry looking walkers again! who'd of thought it was part of a national cycle network.

A short flat peddle back into town and home for a quick bike wash burning calves and a small sense of satisfaction. Now I've only got to do this 3 days a week and i might, just might be fit enough for the Mega again! Roll on The new year! Did i meantion i need a new seat? jump seats arnt meant for "distance riding".

New lines, old lines.

Progression often comes by taking a step back and relooking at how things have been done and how they can be improved. It was time for our first constuction to come down. So much wood was released and a smoother line created with it.
Every one getting busy cutting and hammering. I can be seen cutting a bread roll to make a sandwhich not a berm. Team player.
Here where my "expertease" is used, shaping and directing. hehe.
Unfortunatley for James he pinned one to many over the new table and bashed his knee pretty good. Getting low around the old berm which is riding better than ever now.
Down hill chic! And the "look" in my eyes. Pics By Jim Ottaway. thanks dude.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sweet single speed STP

My sweet Giant STP hard tail has finally been given the single speed treatment.
A 34/16 is feeling realy good and the gusset half link chain gives good tension with out the need for a tensioner.
I also like the way it's flat on top, good for street grinds and looks way pimp. And best of all, no clattering gears and mech. The bike just feels lighter and way more whippy. Look out foam pit here i come!

Foam pit update

This looks like a lot of foam. Its not.
Skam on the build action.
Way more foam needed. Should be ready by or just after Chrimbo. Hopefully an opening foam pit party?

Mafia trails update

The kicker at the bottom of the main "stunt" line. It looks shabby but is sooo smooth.
A new skinny on the "skills" line. Put up By Phil and Dave, rebuilt by Tom and Ewart.
Apparently Dave is an Army engineer. You couldn't tell!

The bigger step down, this is were i dislocated my shoulder again. More wood has now filled the bigger gaps and it rides sweet.The new "learner ladder" from the bottom. With a little step down above it just to slow you down.
The big and little ladder from above

Tom K giveing it a little test.

Friday, November 02, 2007

road to ruin.

well well well, three holes in a row.
it was going so well.
since the road to recover post i had been getting much stronger and fitter again.
Getting out in a k1 at least three times a week and covering osme flat water miles.
i had been surfing again(a four hour sesh with Ed C) on the "door" which actually turns out to be a rocket ship.
And then.......
A quick little blast of the step down at the Mafia trails, my front wheel slides out and i get my arm stuck in the ladder.
Dislocation of the right arm number two!!!!
Season over for real now.
Hopefully a scan will show any major damage, and back to basic physio again. Worst case a pin in shoulder(a little way off though)
Best case... fixed and strong again by april/may time. just in time for The Mega again and maybe the Andorran one as well. A birthday treat that would be.
"its not breaking your self that hurts, it's the getting better"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Road to recovery

Yup, ive finally been given the all clear to start paddling again, All beit on flat water though for now.
The "fat camp" started with a little surfing just to get the shoulder moving again.
Jim so kindly lent me his floating dorr to surf on as the waves were small. 3hrs later with a few waves and a big grin my shoulder was knackerd.
We were also joined by Snakey from Peak UK which was fun.

I cant surf a long board for diddly.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The ones that got away!

Capin' Jim with his first catch from a kayak. A lovely Mackrel, small but beautiful, and very tasty.

Jim holding Toms first large Bass from Ladrum after two years of trying. This one weighed about 3 3/4 lbs.

The other of Toms catches, not so big at 1 1/2 lbs but still a very nice fish and very very tasty!
Thanks Tom.

Who ever lined these up can't count.

Show us yer tackle part 2.

Captin Jim and Ewart "two rods" ready to go Fishin'
Tom Klampher gets his tackle out on the beach, he was the most succesful, apperently all skill. Right place right time we think.

Perception Gemini sit on top, not a fishing specific model but it did the job.

Legs over the side for the worst catch of the day. The sea weed on the bottom was all i caught.

Captin Jim shows his rod masterery by casting a big one.

Show us your tackle!

This week the 3bsports troops tackled the dark side and won.
Yup we went kayak fishing. Its brilliant fun.

Phil shows us his tackle.Selecting the right lure was critical as we were soon to discover.
The "Rapaler Magnum" diving lure was the bait of choice, we ahd been given some inside knowledge before we set out. Later on it proved to be right.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Huckin'! Norge Gnarl

Rolf Kelly, Super nice American boater, Likes to run the s^%t with a car inna tube!
Scoping lines prior to the team race, Part of Voss Extremsportveko.
Tim Falling sideways down the Ula waterfalls, an amazing triple combo.
"Nose Breaker" Very high river levels ment this was a no go today.

Random Norway photos

Its massive! Nick Horwood went first and came up right next to the waterfall with out his paddles, Andy went next and styled it!
The "rave cave", its actually part of the longest road tunnel in Europe. All 26kms of it!
Tim Trew hanging out on the front of the Mighty Hick Truck, whilst waiting for his fire cooked Salmon and collecting man points.
Andy slip slidin' his way down the Upper Jori. A very nice slide filled pool drop river.
More Norway still to come on 3bsports......

Mega Qualifier day

And their off! This was just one wave of racers all vieing for postion ahead of the the first corner.
My favourite picture of the week, it just shows how close the racing is. Lots of riders of all abilitys going for it!! (sorry for the funny text action, cant sort it out)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Megavalanche race day

More shiney metal. The first 5 rows
And their off!
If you look closely you can see a guy in a cow suit, he has some good footage on you tube.
It's going well for most so far...

Not now it's not, the carnage just get worse the further back in the line up you get. The key is to qualifiy with a good time, so your near the front. It's mad just how fast the front line cranks down the snow. Well i guess i would with 400 other idiots chasing me!

An early start

If you want to get up to see the main event off the glacier it's a 5am start to get to the top at 7am for the sunrise. Well worth it.
Saab and Solomon, main sponsors
More mountains in the sun, you can see mt blanc from here.
The track to the start is pretty steep.
Lining them up, a few quids worth.