Monday, December 18, 2006

Ashcombe downhill, NACC cloud cover winter series round two.

Well Sunday was race day, i did lots of preperation... i din't go to the pub the night before and i didnt ride my bike for a month before hand. So in top condition i'd say.
as i had been told, and anyone could guess, it was very wet and muddy.
This is where i got my blow out on my back wheel on my second run.A big stream gap half way down the course. A few peeps came a cropper but not me i held it together to get 12th in the novice. Reasonably happy with that.
Well, as i expected The speed demon that is Tom Klamfer (above, by the tricky stream) rode like a legend with very respectable times which would have seen him second in the vets and 30th overall.
jammy git got 1st place in the novice in his first ever down hill race. Good skills, well done Tom.

A stoked Tom with the golden chalice.

I nicked the photos from Lucy Wilson: there is a whole load more pics there. go check'm out.

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