Monday, December 18, 2006

Ashcombe downhill, NACC cloud cover winter series round two.

Well Sunday was race day, i did lots of preperation... i din't go to the pub the night before and i didnt ride my bike for a month before hand. So in top condition i'd say.
as i had been told, and anyone could guess, it was very wet and muddy.
This is where i got my blow out on my back wheel on my second run.A big stream gap half way down the course. A few peeps came a cropper but not me i held it together to get 12th in the novice. Reasonably happy with that.
Well, as i expected The speed demon that is Tom Klamfer (above, by the tricky stream) rode like a legend with very respectable times which would have seen him second in the vets and 30th overall.
jammy git got 1st place in the novice in his first ever down hill race. Good skills, well done Tom.

A stoked Tom with the golden chalice.

I nicked the photos from Lucy Wilson: there is a whole load more pics there. go check'm out.

A wet exit, adventure on the East Okement. Devon

Over the last couple of weeks we have had buckets of rain in Devon.
When it rains lots you go and do the E.Okement. It needs lotsa of rain.This was as low as you want it. 55 on the gauge by the A30.
The top half of the run is made up of really cool granite slabs.The bottom half is pool drop but with lots of tree hazards, despite the tree hazards i found a very big rock and stuck my boat on it.

Boat on a rock

boat still on a rock needing more encouragement.Notice the big tree i was avoiding! Doh.
Boat getting some more encouragement, and me getting laughed at by my mates.Thanks Owen.

Just showing off

I like travelling abroad with my kayak. Here i am on the "malalu" wave on the White Nile in Uganda Africa. Its hot and the water is warm. There are snakes in the eddy, it makes you paddle a lot.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bored at work blog

Ive been thinking about summer again.I love the wet winter, its great for ww but you cant beat a good sunny surf.
So here are some pics of me suf kayaing in Portugal a few years back.
The spot is called Tonel and is on the very souther tip of Porto.
A very sunny pic from the cliff.
I had this photo published in Simon Hammonds "Essential Guide" surf kayaking book.Simon was the World champion at the time.
you can see more pics from our surf-ari here:

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Next week a bunch of us are going Mountain bike racing.
i want to beat Andy and Ed.
i have no chance of beating Tom k.
check out more info about it here:

We're all going on a summer holiday.

We are not but we wish we were.
so have a look at some of my past holidays by visiting this weeks random liks.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Links update

Well i finally sorted some links.
The links will make up a good part of my blog.
a new one each week, a bit like a top five.
So start by checking the link to A S Watersports, its where i work. The gallery is very good and the most usefull page: Water levels.
Use this for Flower pots info and whats happening on Dartmoor rain wise.

Pulse radio is the web station i have a mix show on so you can all check out some phat beats with me and my friends.
The show is called Squeeze. Look for it in the schedule.