Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Come down at Cwmcarn

Biking blog!
It keeps on coming, a few teathing problems with the blog, but more great action pics.
More up to date this time with a trip to the mighty down hill track at Cwmcarn in Cwmbran South Wales.

Joining me on a anti-gravity mission this time is the fastest man i know on a mountain bike Tom Klampher and 3bsports biking new comer Ed Cornfield, Ed is quickly becoming a down hill demon! Just 6 weeks after purchasing a bike he's lobbing himself off just about anything we show him! It must be the skiing and waterfall jumping practise!
Tom in the red top, Ed in the green helmet and little me styling it on my hardtail.

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eewarts number 1 fan said...

hey love the pics hope to see one of me soon lol will see you at christmas at g and g's xxxxxxxxxx