Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Team manbearpig, dry out in Scotland

We made the long(10hrs) drive north for fantasic white water we had previously tasted. we have
been asured its there.........

We found some great "ditchin" , the All Gleann Chaolis runs into Loch Leven, non stop drops, with one portage, this is the put in horizon line.
not really kayaking....

The first triple drop

Danmanbearpig on the slopes.

When in Scotland with not much else to do you run this.
Allt a Chaoruinn. Dan getting some "speed"

there was more pics until the camera hit the canyon wall.oops

Devon sun oct 06

Here are some pics of last weekends typical Devon day, first up the Erme in south devon, not many action pics but plenty of sun and leaves on the trees.
I was joined by Tom , Dom ,Ed , Dan, Andy, Big O, Jase and some others including Simon, whos boat we pulled out of the "slot". Monkey.

Bottom two pics, Euthenasia falls, Upper Dart. Nice cruisey level, sun and fun.Dan and Big Owen in the meat.

This is an example of the cool pics you can expect from me.

Me running the last drop of the Lower Soba river in the Peirmonte region of northan Italy may 2006 (my 29th burfday)

first blog

Haha! my first blog.

Keep checking back for more fun stuff that ive been doing, its gonna include cool pics of me n my buddies Kayaking, surfing, dirt biking, dj gigs and more random shizzle.